Monday, December 31, 2018

Multicam Black AR15 Pt2

Last post gave the particulars and now we have the finished product. Couldn't be more happy with the way it looks. I wouldn't try to argue one way or the other about the effectiveness of Multicam patterns in general or Multicam Black in particular because that doesn't matter much to me. What I will argue is that Multicam patterns do make for some awesome looking firearms and that was the goal.

This rifle is a complete home brew unit with an Aero M4E1 lower receiver and BCG coupled with an Anderson branded slick upper receiver, sans forward assist and dust cover because I think both are largely pointless. It's got an American Defense rail with a Faxon 14.5" Gunner profile barrel from AIM Surplus where they pin the gas block - a feature I am a big fan of. Adco pinned and welded the Vltor flash hider for me to round things off. The primary reason I went for the 14.5" Gunner barrel was partially to get a slightly more compact carbine, but primarily to keep the weight down. This particular barrel is very close to the weight of Faxon's 16" pencil barrel but with a slightly thicker profile for most of the barrel's length. Nothing else on the rifle is "heavy" and the slick-sided upper receiver knocks off a few ounces as well making this gun, as pictured with an empty magazine 6 and a half pounds almost exactly.

multicam black rattle can Rustoleum paint rifle carbine ar15

rustoleum multicam black ar15 carbine faxon gunner barrel

magpul slimline multicam black, american defense handguard vortex red dot

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