Monday, November 11, 2013

Solarforce Z2 1xAA EDC Light

1xaa budget flashlight review
My shiny new Solarforce Z2 EDC light.

overview of the solarforce z2 AA powered flashlight
All the specs right there for ya, the packaging and the goodies included. I wasn't expecting glow in the dark rings but it's a nice touch.

EDC gear everyday carry lights
The Z2 makes a nice partner for the Kershaw Cryo in gray.

compact edc pocket light
Lots of nice markings on the Z2 and it looks to me like they are laser engraved in the finish rather than printed.

affordable everyday carry lights pocket clip
The finish is nice and smooth and pocket clip is correctly designed, though perhaps a touch light on tension.

smallest flashlight with pocket clip
Overall a nice looking piece. Very compact being just a bit larger than the L3 Illumination L10 which is a very small 1xAA light and similar in looks, but without the clicky switch.

Reverse polarity protection. This is such a simple feature to include and is just another way these lights are such great values. This light is $17.00 and only took 8 days to get to my house from Hong Kong or wherever they come from. I replied to the shipping e-mail just to say that I was excited about the Z2 and had experienced great service from Solarforce in the past. I got a nice response the next day thanking me for my order and appreciation. They strike me as honest regular folks who take pride in their product.

low mode AA edc light
Nice orange peel that produces a smooth, floody beam.

Standard switch boot covering a switch that is light and feels smooth.

Squared threads and another GITD ring.

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