Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Custom Glock 19 Kydex Holsters Now Available

Emblem of Vigilance KydexThe popularity of the Glock 19 today and requests to make holsters for them has motivated me to get my hands on a replica and offer holsters. I also found a source for some specific components that I have been wanting and I hope to have MAS Grey and Coyote Kydex as well as matching rivets/eyelets and screws, on hand for holsters. I already have black but I believe that for concealed OWB carry, gray and tan blend much better with typical clothing colors so that even if the Kydex is seen, it's not as readily recognized as holster material. As I finalize the details I will post most information but at this time I have plenty of black and that tan color seen on my mag carriers waiting to become your holster. Hit the Kydex tab to get more information. Thanks!

The holster's body curve is smooth and consistent.

Minimal material with deep angle for concealment and comfort.

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