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5/11/15 Thank you all for your interest in my wallets! There have been lots of e-mails and requests and I wanted to make an official update because early on I was sure that I would be making more pretty soon. That hasn't happened. The list of other things that have been keeping me busy is too long to list but the bottom line is that I don't really know when I will get back into the wallet project. For one thing, I want to come up with an even better design and better processes to make them. For another thing, there are some challenges when it comes to making the material that I need to overcome before anything else can happen. I already had doubts about the long term feasibility in the post below, but I'm not one to let a good challenge go unaccepted. However, I think the official status of this project has to be called unknown.

Find out what is available by visiting my Etsy Shop.

front pocket wallet, minimalist wallet, handmade micarta
Handmade micarta card wallets are a new project I've set out upon and to be honest I am still unsure how feasible it will be long term. A lot goes into making these as they really are a full on production and right now I am making them entirely from scratch myself. Bottom line is that the price is going to fluctuate until I understand the real numbers involved in producing them. All the same, they sell as fast as I can make them which I know makes it difficult for people to get them. Because of the costs involved (and the time) I am not taking custom orders. I am making the micarta components from scratch. It's not terribly expensive to make but I have to make enough of it at once to make it worth while. You can probably guess that relatively little goes into each wallet, especially for the spacers. When I make a sheet for the spacers I end up with enough material to make 4 or maybe 5 wallets, so I can't really justify making a special batch for one order.

All the same I thought it would be useful to create a page dedicated to them so that people could make one click and get the basic info. I am selling them through my Etsy Shop and you are welcome to attempt to purchase one from me outside of Etsy if it is actually available. I will just send you a PayPal invoice for payment. My Etsy Shop really is the best place to find out what is available because if it isn't listed there as currently for sale, it is probably sold. I am posting pictures here just for reference and I will update from time to time with what's new. I have also been posting new stuff on the home page.

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