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classic ford f100 hot rod custom rendering and design
For information on art, Kydex, or any of the O'Dell Studios projects, please e-mail me at
Note that there will be times when custom work is not available or lead times are long.

Every automotive project is unique so don't hesitate to ask questions and read this post before you write an e-mail. As designers we can create solutions for a variety of project requirements and visions - from complete, ground-up designs, to simple portraits of your existing vehicle or loved one's vehicle for the perfect gift. Our focus is really on affordable solutions, however, keep in mind that a significant number of hours go into communication, planning and conceptualizing before the hours needed to complete your vision even begin. Single views with minimal revisions start @ $300.00. The final product is a 13x19 high-end print, shipped to your door as well as any digital files you may require for publication and so forth. Commercial use of our art requires a full rights buy out of $500.00 (+ the cost of the work), otherwise O'Dell Studios retains all rights to art work created. Understand that art created for you may be used for promotional purposes by O'Dell Studios, but it will never be sold to anyone, ever.

A quick word on e-mail; it can be finicky, let's face it. So something you should know about me is that I always respond to e-mails, always. If you didn't get a response, check your spam box, then add me to your contacts list so that your e-mail knows I am not spam. I check my spam regularly. If that doesn't work, something technical happened and the mighty interweb has decided to make life harder - try again. If that fails I check 4 different e-mail in boxes multiple times everyday. You can also try my address. E-mail is life in this digital age and I have accepted that, but once we're in contact I am happy to share my phone number so that we can talk like civilized folk if you prefer.