Sunday, June 16, 2019

Rasp Knife Project

A quick knife project I've been working on lately. I do believe there will be more of these because I have a couple more old US made files and rasps laying around. You can probably tell this thing was Esee inspired and it roughly the size of an Esee 6 - a bit shorter. Simple oak scales and corby bolts tie it all together. I mixed a dab of black paint into the epoxy to fill in the gaps made by the rasp and put cold blue around the edges just to help with corrosion. This is the real deal carbon steel and it'll rust with a dirty look.

outdoors handmade DIY
Finished product. Of course I wanted plenty of the rasp left intact.

handmade knife from old file heat treat
Heat treat on simple steels is not difficult to get right at all and this one took a razor edge.

Not the finest bevels ever, but this is totally freehand without a jig. Totally functional and simple to do. 

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