Wednesday, January 30, 2019

EDC Pic Dump - Zon Knives C-02 and ReyLight Ti LAN v3

My EDC doesn't change much any more. I still love knives and lights and I do occasionally rotate through my collection but it's getting rarer all the time. A year might go by now before I change anything. I think it really just boils down to finding what works and finding other places to spend the dollars that once would have gone to a new piece of EDC gear. I did somewhat recently acquire a ReyLight Ti LAN V3 - back in May of 2018 - because it is as close to my perfect light as I have ever seen. I don't particularly care for Titanium, I think it's a gimmick, but it looks great and keeps the light somewhat lighter than if it were steel. The price also isn't crazy, so it balances out the use of an expensive material, and it's going to be very hard to get this light out of my pocket.

I have also been carrying a Stedemon designed Zon C-02 with jade G-10 scales. I got it before the light if memory serves, but I couldn't for the life of me find my receipt in my e-mail so I have no idea when. Jade G-10 is probably out of style or something, but I personally love it. It's a somewhat large knife but it goes completely unnoticed in my pocket which means it's the perfect size. My only complaint with this knife is the lack access to the liner lock when the blade is deployed. The liner lock side of the knife is slightly proud of the opposite side (as most are), in order to provide the thumb with room to nudge the liner over and close the knife ... but barely. What happens is that the thumb catches little more than the corner of the liner and that's not a whole lot to work with. People with larger hands might actually find it not just inconvenient but difficult to close the blade. I have gotten used to it, and it would actually be very simple to remedy at home by creating a little thumb notch in the scale opposite the lock where there is no liner at all. Overall though, it's a nice looking knife, with smooth ball bearing pivots.

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ReyLight Ti LAN V3

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