Wednesday, December 19, 2018

MultiCam Black Rustoleum Paint Job

Well thanks to some forum enablers posting about the E1 lowers being on sale I snagged myself one and it is sweet. I also talked myself into taking a shot at some camo which felt like muddy waters as I was doing it but I am really happy with the results. I doubt it’s useful but I dunno, black multicam just looks awesome to me and this picture doesn’t really do it justice but I’ll get more once it’s had a couple days to dry and I get it put together.

I used stencils from and good ole Rustoleum. Camo black, “Chalked” Charcoal and Satin Oregano. The satin paints are … well they’re satin and I didn’t really want satin on this. However, the green color from the camo line to me is the wrong color of green. The oregano is much more drab and neutral. What I found is that if you put the satin over the ultra matte in a really thin coat, it flattens it out quite a bit. So I laid down black on the whole rifle then applied stencils, then dusted in the green, purposefully getting partial coverage in a lot of areas so the green would look faded. Then I put down more stencils and applied the charcoal, again, dusting some places, fully covering other places. Then I peeled all the stencils and dusted here and there with black from arms length away. I kinda like some of the green showing through so I left some of it showing with very little black dusting. The only thing I think I would have done different is I would have used more of the small shapes for the black. I used mostly the large shapes because I knew I wanted a lot of black showing through, but I think more little blotches of black would have been even better.

lightweight, ar-15 multicam black, ADM, Aero Precision M4E1

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