Tuesday, September 8, 2015

EDC Pic Dump!

I lost my Sanrenmu 7112! No idea what happened to it - can't find it anywhere. But here are lots of pics to remember it by. It was a neat little slipjoint with a unique and very ingenious half stop feature unlike any I've come across. Rather than a flat spot on the tang, it had a bump or a lobe so that the second half of the action was stiffer and held the blade very firmly in the open position, yet made the first half of the opening action pretty average and easy on the finger nails. The nail nick was very generous and the knife could be pinch opened without it. The blade was full hollow ground, yes hollow. It was basically a razor and with a wildly pointy tip, making a really nice "clean" knife to accompany your regular task knife for food cutting tasks. I liked it well enough that I will probably get myself a replacement. Pics!

orange aluminum annodized handles

chinese slipjoint pocket knife

Here you can see the half stop lobe.

The half stop is more like 3/4.

Size and color comparison.

This shot gives a good impression of the fit and finish.

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