Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kydex Projects

Making a nice kydex rig for myself is something long overdue but of course I'm like the plumber with leaky pipes or mechanic with a broken down car when it comes to doing things for myself - it just keeps getting put off. My brother was also in need of a new holster since putting a Streamlight TLR3 on his Taurus 24/7 and as always, I was needing a project. I will say that the light was a challenge. I had done it once before on a different gun with a different light, but essentially it was trial by fire. I think I pressed it four times. A couple of those attempts would have worked ok, but just weren't perfect. Finally, on the fourth attempt the stars aligned and it happened. I just didn't want it to look like every other light channel holster out there and I didn't want this huge open box surrounding the trigger guard either, especially when the TLR3 is so slim.
custom kydex mas gray coyote

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