Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Colt Brand Slipjoint Pocket Knives

buckshot bone colt brand peanut slipjointI think it has something to do with the old saying; not all that glimmers is gold, that I have long been turned off by Chinese slipjoint pocket knives. Could it be that they are just a little too shiny? Or could it just be a case of preconception on my part? They do happen to be very shiny, and I've judged them unfairly for a long time, fair to say. Recently the question was posed; do unbiased product reviews exist? I think the underlying suggestion was that people don't want to admit buyer's remorse. I can see that being true, but at the same time, I see negative reviews all the time for all manner of products. In fact, I think because of the online review phenomenon, average non-reviewer type consumers are more likely to report negative experiences before positive ones. And now that I think about it, so are the reviewer types. I could keep going but what I think is, unbiased reviews are, in fact, uncommon. Uncommon. Not because of buyer's remorse, but because they would be boring. You know those reviews where someone gets a product and they're like; here is this product, it is 4 inches long and .... BORING. The manufacturer's website can tell me that. Let's hear some of your completely biased experiences with it and I can decide for myself if it persuades me to bust out my plastic money.

So here is what I think of this Colt Peanut pocket knife. It's shiny. I keep saying this, so it obviously highlights some repressed version of myself that I am in denial about, but I don't typically go for bling. As traditional styled knives go, I think this thing is pretty flashy, and I like it. The Buckshot Bone, as they call it, is pretty cool and also unique. Little red liners take the cool factor up another notch. Long pulls and swedges, take my money! Half-stops all around, excellent snap, strong springs and overall positive function start to make it pretty hard not to like these knives. I liked the way it looked, then I got it and I liked the way it functioned. A white glove inspection reports very good fit and finish with only minor flaws and blemishes here and there. What more is there to say about a pocket knife? I mean come on. Let's do pictures, then go all the way to the end for a plot twist!

edc everyday carry slipjoint pocket knife review
There you have it - pretty well assembled, no glaring gaps or screw-ups.
fit and finish review
Not that it really matters but blades are centered, nothing rubs. The Colt Peanut is small, and peanut pattern slipjoints are, but this one seems a little chubby. You probably can't tell, but I'm just saying, it is. Compared to other slippies the bolsters and covers are on the thick side and that became apparent in the pocket.
Then there was this. There is a hump in the springs on a slipjoint where the pin passed through them - it's inside the knife. If you look carefully in the picture you can see where the blade would hit that hump and leave a little dent. That's annoying.
Then there was this weird spot on the bone where the color didn't take. Finally, it may be deceptive in this picture, but the small blade is in front of the large blade thereby completely obstructing the nail nick. Design fail.
So the twist is, I sent it back. I know, you're going to tell me I can't just say how something is great and then tell you I sent it back because it really wasn't that great. I swear, this is a positive review! I actually got a different Colt knife and I have nothing but good to say. Two important points here people. First, the Peanut is an individual failure in the line because of the way the blades are oriented (cannot access the main blade nail nick because of the pen blade) and because it's a little too thick for such a small knife. It looks great in profile, all slim and curvy, but I just don't care for the width. Second, this particular Peanut is a miss because of a couple factory flaws - I would guess it's just mine, but ya never know. These things combined are the reason it went back. I am very happy with my new Colt Gunstock and I'll do a review later, and I fully intend to get another from the Buckshot Bone line. If you're considering one, I absolutely recommend them. I just wouldn't get a Peanut.

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