Friday, June 20, 2014

Thrunite T10 Series In For Testing

high value edc flashlights
Thrunite T10s and T10.
When I originally saw the Thrunite T10s I guess I wasn't thrilled. I honestly can't fully say why except it seemed to me at the time that making it from stainless steel didn't do much beyond increase the price and the weight. I can even recall commenting on this in one forum thread or another and it went to the back of my mind to be forgotten. I don't know the exact order they came in but eventually the line expanded to a titanium version and finally an aluminum version. Somewhere in there I stumbled across them again and at $30 the aluminum version, with everything that's included, easily falls into the good value category for EDC flashlights. The major highlights are the pocket clip, size and form factor, mode spacing, and the steel switch cover and bezel. You also get a few goodies in the nice little tin it's packaged in, including a diffuser. Another member of the OS crew was looking for a new light and so, the deal was struck. I guess it's evidence of how our perceptions change over time, although it has to be said that the Thrunite T10 checks all the boxes for my EDC flashlight requirements nearly without exception. I see the benefits of various features of flashlights and so I don't think I have a perfect light - each one has its place - but somehow the T10s went from not thrilling, to essentially my "grail" light if you will. I say it that way because it costs a little more than I would typically want to spend, and it's a little nicer than I find absolutely necessary, so rather than grail, I am inclined to say that for me, if I wanted to step up to a little nicer light that I think is probably pretty high quality, this one is it. There is a series of youtube videos in which they abuse the T10s and are proof enough to me that it is a tank. So even the stainless "s" version strikes me as a good value at $40. But this isn't really a review so much as an introduction. There aren't a lot of reviews out there yet, and even though the one I mentioned is very compelling and thorough, I feel like a fair amount of testing is in order before I can write one. With two T10 models now in rotation, and having a couple weeks of use already done, I should be able to put some useful thoughts out there in another few weeks.
Thrunite T10s review
Here you are seeing the aluminum T10 (black), the T10s (center), and the Solarforce Z2 (gray).

Thrunite Saber 2014
The Solarforce Z2 is a spectacular value and excellent product. To the left of the image you are seeing the Thrunite Saber 2014 which comes with two tubes, one for AA and one for CR123.
EDC rotation budget EDC
So this is my current EDC rotation with the T10s, my customized Boker Magnum Slicer, and of course an O'Dell Studios Micarta Card Wallet.

Even with all the modifications and new parts, the Slicer costs less than the T10s.

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