Sunday, June 1, 2014

Micarta Wallet Update for June

Many wallets have come and gone since my last post but I wanted to quickly get some pictures up to show everyone what's been coming out of the shop. I am still learning how much is really going into each wallet. Belts and tiny sanding drums for the Dremel don't last forever, gloves to keep hands clean and even wax paper for the making of micarta are all little expenses that nickel and dime the project to death. It's so difficult to determine what the cost really should be. I look at my ledger and I know that I have invested in material that will eventually pay off but it's hard to see that. With all the nickel and dime expenses it's also difficult to figure the cost per unit. I hate the idea that my wallets are so expensive to make that they will have to be priced beyond their value and that notion is starting to creep in. I am going to have to move quite a few more of them before I will be able to see how my income stacks up to my expenses. On top of that nothing is ever good enough for me. I know that they are a solid product but I never get over the notion that someone is going to hate it, or for some reason it's going to fail. Anyway, just fear and doubt as I embark on this new project. Up to this point everything I've ever created for someone has been a known commodity for me. I knew how it would be made, I knew the overhead and I knew the results. These wallets are new.

Anyway, jump over to Etsy so see what's still available. Thanks!

minimalist wallet, card wallet, front pocket wallet, everyday carry
These are the latest.
Gray cotton canvas with black spacers and hardware.
Gray cotton canvas, dark green spacers and bright green liners.

This one looks like it has black spacers but they are a real dark gray.

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