Friday, June 27, 2014

Design Progression of My Micarta Wallets

I wanted that finishing touch feature for my wallets and I was thinking that I could maybe even make them a little lighter weight, but I couldn't quite figure it out. I made a couple with aluminum tubing and yes, that tiny bit of aluminum weighs nothing, although really a couple screws and the spacer I was using for the floor of my wallets before probably wasn't all that heavy - and necessary for a clip. The postman told me my shipping weight was 4oz, which suggests to me that the wallet must only weigh about 3oz or so. But then I tried out a piece of brass. Yes, it weighs more than the aluminum tubing and it costs more, but it does add that little something extra that a couple screws in the bottom just didn't do. I really like it and it gave me yet another idea that will be seen very soon. I've got plans.

Now, I'd like to get some feedback (so post some comments if you wanna) but I am really looking to phase out the clips. I've got 10 of them ... or 9 .... I've got a handful of them in stock and I'm not looking to get more. I think the "idea" of them is nice. People have to put cash somewhere. It's like a value adder I guess. But I think it's clunky and I just stuff money inside the wallet and call it good. I pay with a credit card 99 times out of 100 anyway. I have talked about pricing multiple times in these posts but the bottom line is, the complexity, extra steps and cost of including the clips is going to force the price up. OK if you love the idea of the clip so much that you are cool with more money, leave a comment. I will make them. But have no fear, I am working on a different way to secure your currency and possibly the modularity to choose whether you want it or not.

So here are some shots of the new designs and as of this writing there are some available in my Etsy Store.

minimalist wallet front pocket wallet

An awesome new color combo that I am really happy with!

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