Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Homemade Micarta Front Pocket Card Wallets

I've been busy getting these made, collecting materials, writing about them, photographing them, designing them, selling them, packaging them for shipping .......... it's just crazy how much time gets away and I've just been writing quick little posts to get something up. Today I've got some time so I figured for anyone who finds this and hasn't seen what's been going on I would talk a little about them. There are all kinds of vids on youtube teaching us how to make micarta and that's where I picked it up. Originally I used it to customize some knives because I was, and still am, bored with what's been coming out in the knife world and I like things personalized. Micarta is a brand of material in which fabric or paper, and some kind of binding agent are pressed together to form a sheet which is popular for knife handles and such. It's fun to make your own because the possibilities are just endless and you get a really nice and unique product. For some time now I've been wanting to create something that I felt had special value but I hadn't quite figured out what exactly. I was shopping around for a new card holder type of wallet, or a minimalist wallet, when it struck me - I could make myself one. Well designing and thinking and getting side tracked on other projects all happened first but a few weeks ago I finally got it done and I've been making them as fast as I can since then.

I've been intrigued by etsy for some time. I love the idea of a place for people to sell hand made things - it's like America is coming back in some small way. So I start with sheets of paper or fabric and finish with a wallet. That's about as handmade as it can get I think. I mean I could weave the fabric but .... no. So I press my micarta, sand it, drill it, all that fun stuff right here in my shop. I now have a source for spring tempered wire so I will also be making my own clips and a few other accessories as well. I feel like - and I think this is the spirit of etsy - hand crafting something gives it a special value. Sadly, my time is consumed with my job and I'm not able to get as many of them done as I would like to. Still, I am working toward getting more of them out. Last night I finished up this blacked out unit and I am really excited about the way it looks. It's got dark gray fabric plates and black paper spacers, with a black pocket clip, black oxide screws and heat-colored clip screws just for some flare. You can get it while it lasts from my etsy shop. Thank you!
minimalist wallet

card wallet

every day carry EDC wallet

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