Sunday, May 11, 2014

Garage Micarta Card Wallet Update

I haven't just been doing nothing all day, but my search for pocket clips has just been unproductive and I went ahead and ordered more of what I've been using until I have figure out something else. If you are a pocket clip maker, or a steel bender or someone who thinks they can come up with a simple fold-over design that takes 2 screws in a side-by-side orientation then we need to talk. I am still interested in wire clips as well. But in the mean time here are the wallets I've been working on.

homemade micarta wallets front pocket card holder
Kinda some weird stuff going on with the green one. I will be selling it as a blemished unit when I post it to Etsy for a little less coin. I really like the jimping but for some reason it didn't align perfectly while I was drilling it. I'm sure I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. The unit on the left of the image is sold and I am guessing the top one is too. If not, you'll see em posted. 

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