Saturday, April 5, 2014

Micarta Minimalist / Front Pocket Wallets

minimalist wallets made of micarta
SOLD! The first wallet from my previous post is gone but I've got a tan and turquoise unit up next and this afternoon I finished another one in dark gray and green that will go up tomorrow! I'm learning a lot about how they should be made, getting a little faster and finding out that even though I'd worked with micarta quite a bit already, I had much to discover. The fabric is difficult because I have so many ideas and I want to work with so many different colors that I end up working with a variety of fabrics. Of course those fabrics are all different weights and that makes it hard to tell how many layers to use to get the desired thickness material. Just four layers of denim can yield 1/8 inch sheets where as some other fabric may take five or six. On the other hand, paper is very forgiving and I am leaning toward working with it exclusively. Stay tuned because one of the next wallets is going to be made entirely of paper.

ultra slim card holder

One hurdle I'm finding is the resin doesn't really go very far given how much it costs, especially when I am in the learning stages and still wasting a fair amount of my material. Waste is frustrating more when all the material is made essentially from scratch. Every single process along the way can spell disaster if I screw it up because no matter where I am in that process, I've already put in a lot of time and work. As I keep moving forward I think one of the goals is going to be building up an inventory of material. I've got more screws coming in brass and black, I need to get more paper in more colors and I've got an almost endless list of combinations I want to try.
This one doesn't quite have the finish that I am looking for so it listed for a little less. Still learning, still getting the hang of the whole process and how things should be done. Making stupid mistakes, but having fun.

minimalist wallet o'dell studios etsy
Six cards with room to spare. This unit came in at 7/16ths thick so it's very slim.

You can see a little different style. I can hardly contain myself from moving on to other designs. I feel it's important to nail down one before I move on to others.

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