Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not a Review: Kershaw Dimension

Photo courtesy Knifecenter and probably Kershaw.
This happens all the time so today I thought I'd write about it. The Kershaw Dimension is the subject of discussion this fine frigid Kansas morning to address knives you almost like, but were executed wrong. The Dimension is a good looking knife, has those fancy pants Titanium handles, some kind of high-tech assisted opening gadget, and comes in at a somewhat attractive price point for all that stuff you get. But, do I want any of that stuff? I don't, you might.

What are we getting from Titanium exactly? My understanding from the industrial side is that it's not even terribly expensive to make, just expensive to work with. Where is the benefit for knives from that aspect? I don't know either. It's tough, I guess? Resists corrosion. Knives made with wood handles routinely get passed down from generation to generation but Titanium, well that will last multiple life times. That's great, but the blade is still steel and anyone who uses a knife will sharpen the blade away long before the handles wear out.

But it's premium. The blade steel is 8CR13MOV and the knife is made in China ...... moving on.

Titanium saves weight. The all steel Kershaw Cryo 2 at 7.75 inches long weighs 5.5 ounces. The Kershaw Dimension at a half inch shorter with that super light Titanium weighs 5.0 ounces. A whole half ounce! Let's make everything Titanium.

And since we're talking about the handle, it's weird looking.

The blade rocks, which sparked this rant. Plus, the thumb studs are cool. I like me some Kershaw assisted opening a la Cryo with that flipper, but why are there 10 different ways to open the Dimension? A button and a flipper and thumb studs and probably a Harry Potter spell if you read the instructions. How will you open your Dimension today?

Put a different handle on it (ie, lose the square steps and the lines), make the handles from steel, lose the push button gizmo, used a frame lock, sell it for whatever the Cryo 2 goes for. Have nice day.

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