Tuesday, January 7, 2014

KydexProcom Kydex Forms

For you fellow Kydex benders out there and soon to be Kydex benders swing over to kydexpro.com and get yourself signed up. I think it's the same folks who ran kydexforum.com so if you're already a member, do both. But I'm writing this post because I got all kinds of help from the great community that has developed around the wonder plastic that is Kydex. I'm not absolutely sure I've personally seen anything quite like this happen but it's one of the beauties of the world wide web for sure. I suppose there isn't much to hide when it comes to Kydex bending, even though many a income stream have sprung from it, but even the beneficiaries of those streams are willing to share their knowledge. There was so much knowledge already available that my first holster is still in service and I've avoided many failures thanks to the advice of people who'd already suffered them. Contrary to the persistent human desire to make the exact same mistakes as thousands of others before us rather than continuing our learning from their failure point, the Kydex community shares mistakes and successes equally.

Now, this particular forum, its creators, and members seek to consolidate the knowledge and facilitate its expansion. Recently they've been putting on contests and many of the industry leaders have apparently climbed on board. I just received the following e-mail and I'll let it tell the rest of the story.

"I was just contacted by Danny at Index Fasteners. He and the other big wigs at Index Fasteners wanted a way to give back to the Thermoforming community that has supported them in this arena of maker supplies. So they have pledged to give me access to $50 a month in Index Fasteners credit to give away as I see fit. This can be used towards our contests, random drawings and other member giveaway events.
Thank you so much to Danny and the rest of the crew at Index Fasteners for always thinking of your customers and specifically this community as a whole.


*We currently have 146 members. If we can get 160 members this month, we will do a drawing for ALL members to receive the $50 IFI credit to the winner. So, spread the word and get people to register.

Read more: http://kydexpro.com/thread/668/index-fasteners-50-month-prize#ixzz2pjpT8mzT

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In case it isn't obvious, this means they're going to be giving away cool stuff to contest winners. This isn't one of those deals where a company says let's get a couple hundred creative people to design our next product, pay none of them, and give some crappy awards to the one who is the coolest of the bunch. No, you participate for fun and maybe score some good stuff you can actually use in the process.

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