Monday, December 30, 2013

.177 Sig X-Five Airgun Update

Last month I put together a post about the Sig X-Five CO2 pistol breaking down. I returned it without hassle and received a new one relatively quickly. I did have to check up on the status once only to be told that they were out of stock - thanks for letting me know. But then a week or so later a new one showed up at my door. That was before Christmas so the turn around wasn't really too bad. As for the gun itself though, it's kind of a shame because I just don't think it will stay together a considerable length of time when it easily could. The 1911 seems to be a slightly better setup but I don't see these guns getting the kind of traction needed to get a market for them rolling with any speed. I ran across an article on the NRA blog discussing their first airsoft 3-gun style event earlier this year, so it's not as if the wheels of competitive airgun aren't turning. No doubt the NRA chose airsoft because of its established popularity, but 3-gun is more in line with IPSC and that doesn't especially trip my trigger. I look at 3-gun and IPSC as equipment races, in spite of the divisions restricting gadgets and pay-to-win gear. Scenario based games like IDPA feel more immersive and more adventuresome than taking the right number of steps to the next box to shave 10ths off your time.
Here is my replacement SIG X-Five CO2 air pistol with a holster I threw together. First attempt at a light bearing rig. Not bad, not great, but I learned a lot in the process.

Seems kind of ridiculous to have a light that cost nearly as much as the gun but it does double duty on my AR as well and I hope to set up some kind of nighttime events come warmer weather.

Here you see the screws that retain this blow-back unit. They actually thread up into the rear sight because there simply isn't enough material anywhere else. This could have been, and should have been handled much better.

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