Monday, September 2, 2013

Enlan/BEE L02 and EM-01 Project

EM-01 left, L02 right.
Took me long enough but I worked on the L02 and EM-01 from this post a while back. I'm not really feeling the L02. I didn't have a good plan ... or actually, any plan going into the handles. I actually put a bunch of complex angles on the scales but I can't capture them in pictures to save my life and the contrasting colors sort of camouflage them. I discovered that the stripes appear naturally in the micarta without using different colored material. Apparently just the alternating directions of the fabric weave create stripes and I don't particularly care for the really stripey scales anyway. The EM-01 though, is much closer to what I think actually appeals to me. I like the single color and the earthy subdued tones. I would like to do away with the shiny fasteners especially on this one but it is what it is. I cleaned up the screws and the pocket clip, acid washed everything and sharpened up the corners. It's too bad the fasteners aren't steel, or a steel that will take the acid wash because that would really tie the whole package together I think. 
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I just rounded the scales slightly and put a couple hard lines up top toward the blade.

custom knife scales micarta hand ground
I like the look of a smooth curve combined with certain hard lines like the finger notches.

8cr13mov chinese steel acid washed folding knife
This image captures the hard bevels near the blade best.

On the L02 I did a lot of playing. It became a test bed I guess. I dripped the vinegar on the blade to see what might happen.
These knives aren't made to the highest tolerances but they aren't too bad I'd say.

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Even if the L02 is a bit ugly, it works. Might make a nice gift.

I am pretty pleased the the EM-01 on top. This is likely a step toward more of the kind of scales I'm going to produce.

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