Saturday, September 28, 2013

Digital Rendering: Datsun 240z

240z nissan datsun custom racing track readyWho doesn't love these vintage Datsuns - the mighty 240z and its siblings? My goal here was to keep it somewhat vintage with the classic styled Volk wheels and mirrors and such, but also give the body the full treatment for something new and unique. Flares are obviously common to these cars but the front valance typically seen on them usually looks poorly fit and these days, all too common. Like a lot of cars from the 60s and 70s, the bumper is there only out of necessity and looks it. Therefore we often see the bumper omitted, and the flares slapped on, then it's off to the track for a good day. I wanted to do something that was new, but at the same time still looked almost like it could have come from the factory if the designers had been left to their devices and unbound from governmental regulations. At the same time I do like the rough around the edges, track prepared look of bolt on flares, and front spoilers that don't exactly fit, so this may be one to come back to when time permits for a different flavor. I went just a little wild on the two-tone wheels, but only because I've gotten to a point where I have to mix things up to stay interested while trying to make a design work with unique color palettes. The wheels are really supposed to be a matte finished bronze and warm gray. I tried not to make them look shiny but certain textures don't translate in art the way they might in person or different lighting. At any rate, it all works and I think would make a very eye catching 240z on the street for sure.

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