Sunday, July 21, 2013

Homemade Micarta and Cheap Knives Project Part 4

Finished the M07 last night and I am pleased at how much smoother and nicer this one went together. I rough cut the scales, drilled and counter-sunk the holes, then reassembled the knife before grinding the scales down to final shape. This accomplished two things. First, I knew the scales where exactly where they needed to be before ever shaping them. Second, I was able to grind both sides at the same time which was faster and also more uniform. In the end though, the Bondo brand resin makes the final Micarta too dark and my handles just look black. Black is exactly not what I was going for and so I didn't do anything to the steel. I did sand the pocket clip so that it had a satin finish like the rest of the metal parts. Fortunately the orange stayed nice and bright and does look pretty sharp. I have written down I think 8 other models to get so it's back to ebay and off to find a new brand of resin!
If I did this knife again I would reshape the blade and handles for a nicer closed appearance.

Grinding the scales with the knife assembled made a huge difference in fit.

Good blade centering but the detent is still a little mushy.

Counter sinking was much more accurate this time.

The pocket clip isn't horrid and giving it a new finish helped.

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