Monday, June 24, 2013

Kydex Update: Colors Available

This weekend I got a little bit of experimenting done and finished a few projects. I now have MAS Grey and Coyote as well as Black in .080 for Glock 19 holsters and I am opening custom orders for rifle mag carriers as well in those colors. I am going to drop the price on the .060 units that are left to get rid of them and plan to have a new model designed soon to go with the current model. I have been playing with gluing scraps together to use as belt loops and I am pretty confident they will be more than sufficient as such, but more testing still needs to be done. All the same I made belt loops this weekend as well as more MOLLE strips. The belt loops, since they are formed, feel really strong. I guess this is sort of the bundled sticks concept but two pieces of .080 is obviously thicker than the standard .125 belt loop material, plus it offers color matching. I like it, but only time will tell. I also scored some coyote rivets and screws but the coatings don't feel all that strong to me. I am hand setting my eyelets/rivets and the tool rubs the coating off on the back. I have been offering it to people but explaining that the backs are bare brass, which actually looks pretty good with the MAS Grey. I may get some bare brass rivets to play with next. Anyway, I wish it was tougher but would only be an issue on holsters that get abused and those will wear off any coating anyway. I tossed a couple onto the holster in my pictures so you can see how it looks. I think it's pretty sharp.
coyote brown chicago screws
The material everything is sitting on is the MAS Grey, as well as the knife sheath. You can see the matching belt loop on this side held on with the Coyote screws.

Another look at the screws on an all Coyote G19 holster.
MAS gray kydex holsters and sheaths

The OS logo courtesy of the magic of Photoshop.

glock 19 holster
Here is the double thickness coyote belt loop and a standard .125 loop.

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