Wednesday, May 22, 2013

O'Dell Studios Tumblr Account

So I got with the times and started a Tumblr account; not with any real plan in mind for it, but started just the same. While I was at it I posted a few images that I had stored but hadn't posted anywhere yet. It is still too early to give a durability review of the Crelant V11A but I am really starting to like it more and more and since I had the pics, I might as well get a post going here too. And if I'm going to do that I might as well give you some of my thoughts after a few weeks of use.
Crelant packaging
Pretty nice packaging .... if you care. :) One of those things that's growing on me is the placement of the pocket clip. I have acquired a couple other lights that just don't hit this point right and I can't see how hard it is to get the pocket clip right if you're going to design a light specifically to have one. Just the right amount of the tail cap protrudes from the pocket and the clip doesn't interfere with anything (unlike some lights *cough* NITECORE MT1A *cough*).

The V11A comes with some extra goodies, including a pretty nice lanyard that I probably won't use. I am going to try to find a reason to though. I mean just look at all those knobs and beads and cord locks and clips attached to it. It must have taken 10 minutes just to assemble it. How could I not use it?

orange peal bezel edc flashlights
I don't get into lumens and watts and current draw and whatever else too heavily. Does it produce a useful amount of light and not annihilate batteries in the process? Yes! OK, it's good to go then. It's a little bit floody and that is appropriate for a "tactical" light. But, it throws just about as far as I ever use a light for so that goes in the win column.

large inexpensive EDC tactical options
It's a relatively large light for a 1xAA but because of the correctly placed pocket clip it goes unnoticed. Big light, big knife. I guess you could call this the larger end of the EDC spectrum for pocket carry.

tactical edc options.
But they're a good looking pair all the same. The end of that stick on the left side of the image bugs the crap outta me. Just sayin.

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