Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Everyday Carry Picture Fun

Just enjoying taking pictures and playing in Photoshop. I'm just applying some simple enhancements and have access to some more quality lighting where I work. Unfortunately I don't really have access to an amazing camera, but it gets the job done for an amateur. I've also got a bunch posted to my Tumblr page that aren't here.
EDC flashlight photography
The L3 Illumination L10 on the left in orange and Jetbeam BA10 on the right with my Kershaw Cryo in the background. These are both 1xAA lights but until I can mod the BA10 to accept the pocket clip the other way around I'm not carrying it much. I tried Bezel up but can't stand it.

The L10 is a nice little light. Comes in fun colors and is dead simple to use with a nice low mode.

Everyday carry flashlights

The Nitecore MT1A on the far right.

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