Monday, May 20, 2013

Aranyik K-1 E-Nep

5160 Spring Steel E-Nep
Nah, not a review. Not a budget review either, even though this blade is very affordable for the indestructible hunk of differentially heat treated 5160 spring steel you get for your money. This is the Aranyik K-1 E-Nep; that's K-negative-1, the biggest one they make. I heat my home with wood and I'd rather not guess how much kindling I split, or how much time I spend splitting it. Admittedly, for me there is some therapy to splitting wood. It feels like I am responsible for my own well being by the work of my own two hands, a feeling that I'm afraid kicking on the furnace simply doesn't induce. It eventually becomes part of the daily routine and no doubt swinging an axe is good exercise. There are always those who will tell you that you need the right tool for the job and through my own share of learning it the hard way, I can't disagree. However my axe, the head found lost or abandoned after unknown years of apparent abuse by previous owners and perhaps too large to be the right tool for the job, has served me well. Often times you make due with what you have and while a full size axe may not be ideal, I have learned to get as much precision out of it as it can offer. That said, I have taken to making the finest kindling in the house, out of the cold, and my home doesn't lend itself to maneuvering a full size axe (particularly around the wood furnace room) even though I wouldn't be swinging it. A large knife has proven to be very useful in the same way my father keeps a smaller axe inside for splitting his kindling in the shop. Enter the E-Nep.

They come from Thailand and are, in many ways, like my axe. I use it for all sorts of jobs and if I lived as closely to the land as the farmers and native people of Thailand I would no doubt use it significantly more. So much more, that it would be a constant companion and I suspect I would quickly discover that it is a heavy companion indeed. The E-Nep has nearly as many heavy duty capabilities as a smaller axe, yet has many more lighter duty capabilities at the same time. I don't think it's possible to review the E-Nep because once you understand it, there is nothing else to be said. It will not break, it is a tool in the purest sense of the word and it is made for people who rely on their tools for their very survival. I'll let the pictures say the rest.

Aranyik K-1 Blade
The Aranyik stamp.

K-1 e-nep
For size comparison, the evil 30 round AR-15 magazine.

That's just a fine piece of work right there.

K-1 Aranyik
It is full on weight forward. It's an axe that looks like a machete.

Not exactly refined but the work of a skilled craftsman all the same.

These handles are beautiful if you ask me and smooth as silk.
An unlikely duo. The Ontario RAT 1 with my E-Nep.


  1. Great review! Looks like you are ready for the zombie apocalypse, as well.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to look at them! I am hoping to get a few more to post up.