Friday, April 12, 2013

Kershaw Camp 10 Simple Sheath Retention Modification

kydex retention for kershaw camp 10
Note the hole size difference on unmodified sheath.
Earlier this week I received my Kershaw Camp 10 and quickly realized that the sheath was practically made for this easy Kydex modification. When I discovered the Camp 10 and saw the sheath it came with, I was pretty pleased and 5 minutes later had my order in for one. It is an affordable large knife that actually comes with a pretty nice, and well styled, plastic sheath. In other words; worth using, and perfectly usable out of the box. It's got holes and straps and rivets and snaps and whatever else you might need to attach it to whatever you might wanna attach it to - though I have to admit for MOLLE purposes the hole spacing is a little .... odd. I saw potential. It's a plastic sheath of unknown material quality and only time will tell how sturdy it will prove to be, but my modification only took a couple hours and a couple little pieces of Kydex from the scrap box - no big loss if the sheath eventually takes a nose dive. The handle flares at the "guard" both latitudinally and longitudinally (so to speak) so there is great potential for retention with minimal material. The snap and strap are attached with screws and posts so they are simple to remove and one of the holes is already the correct size for a Chicago screw to pass through. Once the Kydex was molded (both sides at the same time) there are perfect indentations from the screw holes so that you know exactly where to drill. The plastic surrounding the screw holes on the sheath is solid and so the smaller of the two
Product shot from the web for reference.
simply needed drilled to size. The rest of the work consists of shaping the Kydex to some fancy pants curves and removing material until the retention feels right. With a big knife that is going to mostly live on my backpack, maybe even upside down, I don't want light retention and there is no reason for a quick draw, so I left it pretty stiff. It can be shaken pretty violently upside down without budging, though I can eventually get it free. Overall, if you're wanting a simple project and have one of these, this is a fun one.
Dark gray Kydex would have been awesome.

Sheath has built in thumb ramp with this mod.

custom kydex sheath modification


  1. what size Chicago screws?

    1. They are these and for this you need 3/8 length since the sheath and 2 layers of kydex is pretty thick. I believe the posts are 3/16 diameter.