Thursday, April 25, 2013

Archery Forum Logo Design

vector and pixel artwork and logo design
 It would seem that the blending of my interests into one conglomeration here at O'Dell Studios is having unexpected results. Firearms, cars, art, forums ..... archery. The shooting and outdoor community overlaps with a good variety of other interests and hobbies that may be similar but are really very different, and there is an online forum for virtually everything today. Having a varied assortment of interests myself, I catch the edge of a great number of circles as well but I never would have expected to be designing for a traditional archery outfit. I have to admit though, the bow makers crafting these traditional style long and re-curve bows are artists themselves and while archery never really interested me much before, it does now.

I did some research into the work that goes into these beautiful tools and wanted to capture it in my drawing for the forum's title bar. I can only hope that I've done justice to the craftsmen behind them.
I set out to create an entire identity for the forum with an icon, logo (or logotype really), as well as artwork for the title bar on the site. With these three elements the community should eventually develop a sort of trade mark or brand identity that can easily be recognized. Of course I spent a lot of time looking at logos within the bow industry, wanting as little similarity as possible to any other brand out there and I found this to be a relatively simple task. The traditional style broad-head seemed to me to fit the overall theme of the forum itself and made for a clean symbol or icon for individuals interested in the hobby.

These designs are the property of the forum and its owners.

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