Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gen II Kydex Mag Carrier; Take 2

first line gear kydex magazine ar-15 pouch carrier
Now we're getting somewhere! It took a lot of reheats to get to this point but I'm starting to get it nailed down. I think the first prototype was proof of concept, but this is getting closer to what I really want to accomplish with this project. The sides of the carrier, using this molding technique, are completely tight to the magazine itself, which aides retention. Using a different magazine for molding gave me a nice clean box that will accommodate any magazine with excellent, click-in retention. I'm just posting this real quick to get it up and running and when I come back I will have a deeper look at how it looks finished, and what I accomplished with the new mold. For now, the only things I can comment on are the small folds at the bottom of the pouch. Essentially, I knew this would happen if I ever got as tight a mold as I planned to and I felt that this issue was worth all the benefits gained. As it turns out they are minor and about what I expected. I think users will appreciate the 3 column width of my rifle mag carriers and the flat backs which make these some of the most low profile kydex pouches that I've seen. Stay tuned!
ultra low profile kydex mag pouch shingle

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