Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Every Day Carry Pens ... and Stuff

EDC pen mechanical pencil leatherman crkt ripple pocket knife multi tool
Couple posts back I threw in some pictures of the stuff I carry every day and some new stuff I recently acquired. I didn't really know I had an "EDC" until a couple years ago I suppose, and I didn't realize there was a growing crowd of people who where conscious of having one. Until even more recently I didn't realize those people are also actively involved in a community of people who either carry things on them daily or people who make things specifically for them TO carry daily. I figured all males, from the time they realized what the pockets on their jeans were for, carried prized and useful items with them. Could be a Hot Wheels, a frog, Batman figure, whatever. And that typically doesn't change as we get older. My Leatherman has ridden with me for a good chunk of its warranty at this point and off and on I switched things into, and out of, my pockets as seasons changed, needs changed, hobbies changed, or more importantly they weren't convenient to carry anymore. Only until I became cognizant of my EDC I began to think of solutions to the convenience problem. After all, that really is what I think drives the market which exists around the EDC. And honestly, I'm still struggling. There is a list of things I want to have handy, and only X number of pockets to put them in. Of course that conundrum has lead to the unending search for the perfect carrying system. My problem with pouches and other things is no so much that they are bothersome in anyway, though some are larger than I am willing to carry. It's that so far, nothing fits my current desire for something extremely streamlined and secure, yet allows me to quickly access anything I have on me. No doubt this will lead me to creating my own solution designed to my specifications.

mini mechanical pencil japanese writing instruments EDC review photography Every day carry items INOVA X1 flash light multi tool ZEBRA SL-F1 PILOT birdy reviewIn the mean time, enjoy some imagery. Pictured is the very excellent Zebra SL-F1. I ordered 5 of them and gave a couple away, but a couple of the colors are pictured as well. I also got a Pilot Birdy mechanical pencil with a ball point pen on the other end. It's actually just a touch longer than I would have liked but it is very thin and can be tucked away anywhere. Also seen are the Inova X1 1xAA light. If it makes 55 and 6 lumens on its respective high and low modes as the packaging says, then I really don't have much use for more than that in a light that rides in my pocket. If Inova stumbles across this writing, please give us a pocket clip, we beg of you. We've got the CRKT Ripple in there as well which I am really starting to like due mainly to its weight. It goes completely unnoticed day to day.  
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