Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Different Perspective; Part 2

So forget guns for a second, cause man that shit is getting OLD. From my reading at the National Safety Council, there are 15 things that kill more people than homicide in the US - sort of the big picture of how we end up in the grave. Most of the things are various diseases and I think humans have to die from something so it's not as if all of these things are epidemics in that context. Although, our food industry and medical/pharmaceutical industry have their sticky fingers all over most of these diseases. At any rate, accidents are among the 15. So I think everyone has been saying firearm deaths amount to 11 thousand, varying from year to year of course, but that is the number they like.

So 2,500 people choke to death in America, children are at the greatest risk and hot dogs are one of the big culprits because of their shape and size. Hot dogs banned, far more children protected than gun control. If we get rid of small toys, balloons, gummy bears and their like, we can probably save a thousand lives. By the way, "choking hazard" warnings on toys is another case where "signs" simply don't protect people.

2,700 people die in fires. Smoking kills plenty of people by itself but it also burns them to death. Cigarettes and candles, banned, thousands saved.

Twenty five THOUSAND people fall to death. That has to suck bad. Ban stairs, tens of thousands saved. Playgrounds, my God, they are DEATH traps! This is more deaths than all homicide (16,000) all by itself.

39,000 poisoned. Accidentally ingesting illegal drugs is a top source. I had no idea about this. Drugs kill all kinds of people in lots of indirect ways but accidentally taking them? Damn! Kids hanging out under the kitchen sink and pain killers. I'm not even sure what we can ban here? I know a lot of children die this way and negligence comes to mind right away. Again, more deaths than homicides.

42,000 killed in vehicle accidents. I couldn't figure out if drunk driving is mixed in here. Drunk driving deaths aren't accidents, they are negligent homicide, at least that's how I see it. If we could just ban vehicles we'd save thousands. Texting kills an awful lot of young people. Ban it! Way more deaths than homicides, and again, I'm not sure if we're talking drunk drivers, but what I do know from some more digging is that drunk drivers kill as many, or more (from year to year) than guns do, fluctuating from 10,000 to 17,000. 

2,000 drown. Children in swimming pools mostly - supposedly the number 1 cause of injury death for children 1-4 years old. I want to ban swimming pools mostly because I can't afford one, but just imagine how many kids could be saved.

Accidental firearm deaths. Wait for it, this one is a whopper; 600.

What do most accidents have in common when it comes to kids? Negligence. It's funny because I think Adam Lanza's mother is (was) guilty of the exact same thing. What kind of laws are we going to pass to fix this problem? To me, banning guns, and being the type of person who wants them banned, is like saying you aren't responsible enough to handle potentially dangerous things, and you aren't responsible for your own safety. Apparently it's true. America has worn away at responsibility and integrity to the point that we kill ourselves by accident more than criminals kill people on purpose! And we purposefully kills ourselves (suicide) more often as well. Now our government wants to pass laws confirming that you are irresponsible morons who have proven that you can't even keep your children safe around swimming pools, firearms, poisons, drugs, or hot dogs. Rather than taking things away from people who are responsible enough to handle them, how about we punish the idiots who aren't, for the deaths that result from their negligence? I guess suffering the consequences of your actions isn't a value we uphold in America anymore. Gun owners who are responsible for the accidental deaths I talked about above only strengthen the anti-gun argument and you have no business owning a firearm if you can't take responsibility for it. Overall I'm talking about integrity. No one uses the word anymore, probably because most people don't have any. This is what I see as the greatest problem in America and I know with absolute certainty that gun-laws, which have no relevance to it, can do nothing to improve it.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Different Perspective on Gun Violence

First, this post is brought on by having watched the Piers Morgan interview with Alex Jones. If you haven't seen it, swing my youtube and have a look. In a nut shell Alex Jones does what he does, which is yell and get out as much information as he can. I know it may seem like he really isn't helping the gun community by acting the way he does but in a lot of ways, I think he did what at least someone needed to do. That's not what I am writing to talk about. Piers Morgan wanted just a couple questions answered, and Alex actually did answer them, but it's pretty amusing when you watch people who are in the same profession as Piers, how ludicrously alike they are. They all use the exact same tactic. They ask a loaded question to get a soundbite of someone like Alex saying what they want to hear, and they are done. BOOM! You said what I thought you'd say, ignore everything else, I win, you loose, roll the tape over and over and over. The "news" comes on every five minutes on TV these days so by the time every American has seen it, it's been thoroughly taken out of context and stripped down to just what they want us to hear. What is really sad is how black and white they think the issue really is and that they don't even seem to be able to fathom how obvious their tactics are. Take away guns, gun deaths decrease, problem solved. Piers wanted Alex to say, guns are gone in the UK, gun deaths are lower in the UK, therefore the problem is obvious. Ignore the fact that if we took cars away, vehicle deaths would drop dramatically, take away alcohol and drunk driver murders would drop dramatically (oh wait, didn't we try that one once?), take away swimming pools and drownings would drop dramatically. It all starts with "take away". Piers wants to know if we "need" AR-15s because apparently that is his justification for "taking them away" but as I said in my last post, it'll be a sad day when the American Government starts stripping rights because certain groups don't think we "need" them. Of course Alex didn't bite, he said exactly why they are needed. Piers contention is that a few mass shootings of late involved AR-15 variants. For one thing, the AR-15 came to life in the 1960s. Is he suggesting that they are some new thing? Does he actually believe there haven't been dozens upon dozens of other shootings that didn't involve an AR-15? 3, is his specific number. There have been 3, people don't "need" AR-15s and therefore it must be outlawed. Makes perfect sense. 

Now, for a different perspective, I got curious about my own state. What I already knew before hand was that the Columbine shooting happened in the middle of Clinton's Assault Weapon ban and that the 1990s where America's worst years for mass shootings. What many people miss with blanket statements like violent crime in the UK vs US, or murder rate, or any statistics like this is that we're different people with different cultures. The UK is about the size of a postage stamp and has 64 million people while we have 330. Each state, each city, each neighborhood has its own culture and the same goes for the UK. For all the dangerous places there are to live in both countries, there are places that are perfectly safe, or significantly less violent than other places. In fact, we know that most of our violence comes from big cities which no doubt, have completely different cultures. I come from a small town and have never lived in fear of violence. There is no doubt in my mind that if the UK looked at it's violent crime, it also originates in large cities, in exactly the same way it does in America. Why are we insisting that either country is more violent when it really isn't the country itself? If we know where the violence comes from, why aren't we looking at those places for answers and causes? My point is, there are trends and while they aren't as obvious as "guns are used to kill people", they aren't really that hard to find and they are more likely a better route to real solutions. I realize that lower life forms like celebrity news media have a hard time using critical thinking skills and making complex connections but it sure would be nice if we could start looking a little deeper.

So I dug a little deeper. I feel perfectly safe in my state. In fact, a lot of people don't even bother locking doors around here. So I found a map, some kind of real estate thing showing "crime" in specific areas around the state. According to that, I actually live in one of the LEAST safe areas in my state! That's funny, it has never felt that way to me. But that's not the point because it could all be BS. The numbers from the FBI on my state are interesting none the less. In the 1960s, my state was pretty damn safe, with a murder rate similar to the overall UK rate. But what do you know, Clinton scored his win with Assault Weapons in the 1990s and murder basically tripled and as I already knew, the 1990s were the most violent years. Thank God, the Assault Weapon Ban ended in 2004 and murder started dropping. We're back down to somewhere in the 3 or 4 per 100,000 from year to year range rather than 6 or almost 7. But wait, "assault weapons" aren't used to commit but a single digit percent of firearm murders in America. Could it be that there are actually other causes of murder and violence, beyond guns? Could it be that many states started passing more laws to help their citizens protect themselves about the same time? That's just crazy talk!

Looking at other states, there are plenty of places in the US that have murder rates just as low as the UK or lower, and no one should be surprised. They would love to believe that the entire country is a cesspool when in truth, most big cities are. Nothing new. But what might be something new to think about is the other crimes. Rape, robbery, assault, and the like are each tens of times, or hundreds of times higher than murder in my state. Don't murders take place during another crime more often than not? So we get back to the same problem. The mindset that living through the crime is better than dying. I can't say I'd rather die, but the issue is, the crime is still happening even without the firearms involved. The exact same crimes that often lead to murder. Of course, the number of lives saved by armed civilians doesn't make good news and can't be counted, so I guess in their eyes it's insignificant. What I do know is that I don't want to just let the crime happen and hope to live through it, and I know I don't want to die, therefore I will take responsibility for my own safety and take it very seriously. You are perfectly welcome to live in fear if you like, or be the victim of a nasty crime, it is of course, your right. At the end of the day I'd rather be wondering how many lives were saved, than wondering why so many had to die. Instead of banning guns how about we just ban big cities? Actually, that's a bad idea because I'd rather the crime be kept in those cities, away from where I live. 

And I can't emphasize enough how ludicrous this concept of "need" is. I don't think Peirs or the people like him need fancy clothes, polluting cars or SUVs, golf courses that waste natural landscape, I don't think he needs as much money as he makes because children are starving someplace, but somehow I think he would resist having these things taken away on the grounds that I don't think he needs them. Forget this "need" concept because it makes you sound like the Communist you are and start looking for real solutions instead of wasting oxygen. And, Piers isn't an American, so I can't figure out who would care about his opinions anyway. I mean if the UK was so good, why is he here?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gun Restrictions are Proof of Indifference

I didn't want to get into this on this site, but it needs to be said, and this site is me, so here it goes.

Below are a lot of questions gun-restriction/ban advocates and American citizens should be asking themselves today. It’s sad and frightening that I can only hear one question being asked, when it’s the least important question of all.

If you are in favor of what are commonly referred to as “common sense gun laws” but nothing more, let me offer this. In Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and Washington DC these gun laws (and far stricter versions as well) have been around for years already, yet these are easily the most violent cities in America, per capita. Not forgetting that children were murdered in Newtown, which is the spark for this current gun-law-go-round, are you suggesting these laws are absolutely the only solution to the violence in America? Are you certain these laws will protect children from mass shootings? Are you certain nothing else will?
In 1994 the government, under the leadership of Bill Clinton, passed an Assault Weapon ban and magazine capacity restriction laws exactly like those proposed today. Have you forgotten Columbine? 1999, years after the ban was well established, children died in a school. Why is it, in nearly 15 years since Columbine, our leaders have made no significant strides to tackle the real causes of mass shootings and violence in general? Are you absolutely certain, when you look at America’s most violent cities, that guns are really the problem? What I am saying is, gun laws are band aides and I think it’s shameful that Americans aren’t demanding real solutions to our problems. And we haven’t just wasted 15 years. Even though the 1990s were our most violent years under the Assault Weapon Ban, in 1984 James Huberty killed 21 people in a McDonalds. Our government passed some crime and gun laws and mass shootings steadily increased from that point forward. Are you absolutely certain this time, gun laws will help heal this nation? In nearly 30 years, why hasn’t it worked? Why haven’t things changed for the better? For all our progression, for all our new knowledge, for all our advancements, why are people still violent, still mean, still suffering mental illnesses? Do you think things have improved in the last 30 years? Do you think it’s shameful to continue forcing ideas that we know won’t work, while at the same time ignoring the real problem when it’s the lives of our children at stake?
Are you aware that aside from guns, mass shootings mostly have mental illness in common? Considering our nation’s debt, unemployment rate, decaying morality, integrity, and personal responsibility, the only cause you can think of is firearms? Were you aware that so called “assault weapons” were not used at Columbine or Virginia Tech? Were you aware that so called “assault weapons” account for fewer than 10% of all firearm related deaths from year to year and often fewer than 5%?
If your response to what I’ve said so far is all guns should be banned, then you’re in luck. Many countries already have such laws. In these countries, if you protect yourself with a gun, you go to prison. In places like the UK, violent crime is higher than the United States. I guess the concept is, the criminals still run rampant, but at least you will survive an encounter with one. Are you comfortable living in a country that, by law, expects you to accept the very likely possibility of being a victim? Are gun-ban advocates suggesting all human beings are physically equal? Are you willing to accept being vulnerable to rape or being beaten, especially if you are smaller than the criminal? The next question is the toughest because the answer isn’t easy. Is human life so valuable that everyone should live in fear to protect it? Is it right that a government can strip its citizens of the choice to protect their own life, property or well-being, yet essentially admit it can do nothing else to protect those citizens? I am absolutely certain by owning a firearm, I am not infringing on anyone’s rights. I enjoy hunting and the shooting sports which, the last time I checked, is covered by my guarantee to pursue happiness in America. Are you saying, because you don’t think I “need” it, you are justified to infringe on my rights? I know that some criminals are much bigger, much meaner and much stronger than I am. Last time I checked, my unalienable right to “life” comes before the pursuit of happiness in the Declaration of Independence. These are core American values which formed the entire concept of what America is. Are you willing to give these fundamental rights up in the name of safety? Are you suggesting your personal safety is not your responsibility?
It would seem the anti-gun logic is, if you can just manage take the tools away from criminals they will suddenly become kinder, gentler citizens, give up their unlawful ways and contribute in a positive way to society. And apparently, addressing the causes of criminal behavior, perhaps the conditions contributing to crime and mental illness, is completely rash. Does this strike you as sound logic? Total firearm bans turn law abiding citizens into criminals if they do not turn over their property to the government. Give us your property or go to prison. You are of the opinion that sentence does not sound like tyranny? Isn't the unwarranted search and seizure of property also protected against by the Constitution and its Amendments? And if you aren't in favor of gun bans, why are countries with gun bans so often cited as shining examples during times like these? It might also sound absurd to suggest that we punish criminals for their behavior. Is it unreasonable to say that people who directly and purposefully violate America's fundamental rights are therefore forfeit of American rights? Aren't our rights specifically dependent upon living by and upholding them?
And what about this “needing” certain types of firearms? It would seem some Americans still haven’t figured out that the Second Amendment doesn’t have anything to do with hunting, sporting or self-defense. These are all unalienable rights covered by America’s fundamental guarantee to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Self-defense is my responsibility and right. Sport and hunting are not just about my right to pursue happiness, but my right to simply feed myself. By saying a person doesn’t “need” a certain type of firearm are you suggesting there is nothing and no one to fear in the world? Have you forgotten 9/11? Do you still believe our government can protect you when thousands of people died in a single day on American soil? Is World War II so far in the past that it has no relevance today? Do you believe there are not thousands of disarmed people in the world being slaughtered by tyrants in 2013? The Second Amendment specifically protects “military style” firearms because these are the only firearm with which we can legitimately combat foreign (or domestic) threats. People who think this means gun owners want rocket launchers, tanks and nukes are confused. A firearm is something an individual can use against an aggressor and has the means to keep and maintain without specialized tools or knowledge. I’m not suggesting the world we live in doesn’t involve threat of weapons capable of causing massive casualties. I won’t try to draw a morality line in the sand for you on this issue, because no one can.
Furthermore, as a gun-ban advocate, what do you actually know about firearms and their associated laws, and do you believe that you should be allowed to strip fundamental American rights based on ignorance? Often we hear arguments like, these weapons are not designed for hunting or self-defense or sport. Are you aware that all of these statements are false, or worse, blatant lies? All firearms, every single one of them, was designed for ending human life. Therefore, all firearms are “military style” weapons if your concept is that taking human life is a military function only. Before firearms existed, the creation and perfection of black powder was pursued to end human life. The argument exists because of the complete misunderstanding of firearms, not because it actually has any merit. Do you actually know anything about the shooting sports? If you do, do you find it somewhat confusing that gun-ban advocates insist “military style” weapons are not used in sporting events, yet they are the most popular firearm in the most popular shooting sports today? How is it logical to suggest something designed for ending human life is inappropriate for self-defense? Isn’t that a contradiction? Why do gun-ban advocates insist these firearms (the AR-15 specifically) and their associated ammunition are not for hunting when they are among the bestselling firearms in the country, widely used for varmint hunting and fire a cartridge designed specifically for varmint hunting? Our military modified this varmint cartridge for its purposes, not the other way around. Are you aware that this cartridge is not considered powerful enough (and therefore not allowed) to hunt large game such as deer in most states? 
The most important question of all; is it time for real meaningful change in America, or will we continue pursuing band aides? Do you actually care about the violence and mental illness, or do you just want to feel better until the next tragedy comes along? Should we continue punishing and stripping the rights of law abiding Americans, or start punishing criminals instead? For decades America has done nothing to change the societal cancer growing in our neighborhoods, homes, schools and cities. Passing gun laws, whether you like guns or not, is the same as doing nothing and it always has been. What’s more, I believe many gun-control advocates are disingenuous liars who, by taking meaningless gun-control measures, prove they don’t even care about public safety or the decay of our nation. Until the public takes a genuine interest in the fate of America, we can expect the decline to remain steady.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Master Molder Mags + Cronicle of Budget Gear

Fieldline Tactical, Blue Force Gear DelTon Plumcrazy Miculek CompensatorFrom early on when I decided to post about more than Hot Rods on this blog, I was thinking of doing an on going chronicle of the budget minded gear that I already knew I'd be talking about. I still don't know yet how exactly I want to accomplish it or what the format will be like, but as I collect more stuff and spend more time with it, I figure I could talk about my experiences. I really have no intention of trying to convince anyone that lower priced products are some how equivalent to their higher priced counterparts. In some cases I do believe the quality is equivalent, but the product includes fewer higher priced features. In other cases, I believe some stuff is simply overpriced and/or over-engineered specifically to be expensive and "better" than the competition. And finally, I believe some cheap crap is just cheap crap. If you read the post I made a couple posts back, you'll get a better idea of just how I feel on the subject. I believe that not all users have a need for the highest end products and that simply costing less than the expensive equivalent doesn't mean you have a lesser product. Similarly, I think we all know that quality control is an area where some companies will cut back on in order to bring the cost of their product down. I think these factors pretty well cover all sides of the issue when it comes to lower priced products. There is no need arguing whether something is intrinsically better than something else when any one or a combination of these factors could come in to play. The bottom line (as I seem to like to say) is that someone has to use it in order to find out. Thanks to the mighty interweb, the people who have used virtually anything on the planet, can and have come to post their experiences. The downside that most of us have experienced first hand (especially if you frequent forums), is people who have absolutely no experience will come to bash or praise vehemently even when they have no idea what they're talking about. Essentially, given the size of the net today, we have to wade through lots of garbage to get to the goods. In an effort to avoid that, all I want to do is talk about what I've experienced and with any luck, searchers of useful information will find my words. 

I may not create any kind of format, I don't know. And as for the shooting sports, things right now are kind of hairy as far as buying ammunition and that sort of thing, so it might not be the best time to start something like this. However, there is no reason I can't just post about it every time I use a piece of gear or equipment for its intended purpose to let readers know how it's holding up.

Day Pack Tactical Gear Budget Gear Troy battle Mag photography
First thing is that I made a couple changes to my AR. I am really struggling with how I want it set up. The 1-4x optic makes a lot of sense to me but really, it weighs too much. It is super handy in the configuration you see at the top of this post. The PlumCrazy lower helps this thing come in at roughly 6.8lbs with an empty magazine and that sure is nice to carry around. That's with a heavy barrel. I really want to chronicle this lower the most because even though most owners are perfectly happy with their polymer lowers, it would seem more people on the net who've never even held one are all too ready to tell you they aren't worth buying. Some people will tell you that the New Frontier Amory lowers are different some how. They aren't. I visited the PlumCrazy website before they changed over and it is all a marketing decision - it was written out, by them, right there. I will get my hands on one of them at some point but in the mean time, I have access to two PCF lowers and I think that will give more credibility to reviewing them.

Light weight AR DelTon Midlength upper
Next thing is the Miculek comp. I couldn't find anyone with anything bad to say about these, yet they find it necessary to spend 3 times as much on something else. Whatever. I have no experience with compensators, won't claim to, and I'm not going to tell you it's better than anything else but I can tell you this; it's almost silly how easy this gun is to shoot with that comp installed. You can spend more on something else if you want, but if you're interested in this one, yeah, go ahead and get it. The thing I will want to keep track of is how much I can stand to shoot the gun with it installed. It hasn't bothered me in any way thus far, but I do notice the feeling of pressure in front of me while I'm firing it. Time will tell. People say they are "loud" and make a lot of blast to the sides. Ok. I like to stand behind my gun and I wear ear protection, so I guess I don't care. What about the other people at the range? I don't shoot at a range....

inexpensive polymer AR-15 Magazines Master Molder 20 Round review
20 round polymer magazines I was also given this Fieldline Tactical pack which I think is the day pack, or assault pack, or 3 day pack, or something. It's 20 bucks and as far as I can tell, you just can't go wrong here for the money. It went deer hunting with me last weekend and first thing it was stepped on and tripped over in the mud. Doesn't look any worse for wear, but again, I'll revisit it as my experience with it expands. It is going to spend a lot of time with me in the coming months hiking some trails around this state that I've never been on. That should tell me plenty about it. The Camelbak bladder that was riding it in was un-phased by the abuse last weekend either. The pack is very comfortable but I walked probably fewer than 5 miles in it without much of a load and never killed a deer, so it might be bad luck, who knows.
American Made polymer magazines budget reviewMaster Molder magazines were also given to me and they don't get a real bad rep around the web either. What I did hear is that the springs aren't spectacular (nothing more than hearsay at this point) and by sticking my finger in them I discovered that they do not have anti-tilt followers. A little digging and I found that I can get Wollf springs and Magpul followers for about $7.00. I tried to squeeze the feed lips and found that they flex very little if at all which suggests to me that if the springs ever do wear out, or I find a reason to put anti-tilt followers in them, they are probably worth the effort. But the mags only cost 5 bucks. Ok, that's a fair argument, however I see it a little differently. I put maybe 40 or 50 rounds each through two of these mags and didn't have any issues. That doesn't mean much, but they do work, so going on the assumption that they will wear out, why not have two good mags rather than two useless mags and two new ones that will also wear out? I personally think 20 rounders are handy in certain ways and they look great in the gun. They are made in the US, the body seems robust, they feed (and remember I'm never shooting anything nicer than Tula or Wolf steel case) and they are cheap. I will definitely be reporting back on these over time. In fact, I might keep one constantly loaded just to put the spring theory to the test and see how we do.

Strapped to the pack you see a Blue Force Gear 3 mag shingle. It's American made, the company is well thought of, and it does what it was meant to do. I wanted a way to keep a few mags at the ready on my pack and this seems like a very easy way to accomplish this. The person who is with me can grab a mag if needed, or I can just have a few extras at the ready, but out of the way. The elastic is very strong, to the point that you have to work to get mags out and you certainly won't be putting one in if you're in a hurry. I know I won't have to worry about losing one.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Every Day Carry Pens ... and Stuff

EDC pen mechanical pencil leatherman crkt ripple pocket knife multi tool
Couple posts back I threw in some pictures of the stuff I carry every day and some new stuff I recently acquired. I didn't really know I had an "EDC" until a couple years ago I suppose, and I didn't realize there was a growing crowd of people who where conscious of having one. Until even more recently I didn't realize those people are also actively involved in a community of people who either carry things on them daily or people who make things specifically for them TO carry daily. I figured all males, from the time they realized what the pockets on their jeans were for, carried prized and useful items with them. Could be a Hot Wheels, a frog, Batman figure, whatever. And that typically doesn't change as we get older. My Leatherman has ridden with me for a good chunk of its warranty at this point and off and on I switched things into, and out of, my pockets as seasons changed, needs changed, hobbies changed, or more importantly they weren't convenient to carry anymore. Only until I became cognizant of my EDC I began to think of solutions to the convenience problem. After all, that really is what I think drives the market which exists around the EDC. And honestly, I'm still struggling. There is a list of things I want to have handy, and only X number of pockets to put them in. Of course that conundrum has lead to the unending search for the perfect carrying system. My problem with pouches and other things is no so much that they are bothersome in anyway, though some are larger than I am willing to carry. It's that so far, nothing fits my current desire for something extremely streamlined and secure, yet allows me to quickly access anything I have on me. No doubt this will lead me to creating my own solution designed to my specifications.

mini mechanical pencil japanese writing instruments EDC review photography Every day carry items INOVA X1 flash light multi tool ZEBRA SL-F1 PILOT birdy reviewIn the mean time, enjoy some imagery. Pictured is the very excellent Zebra SL-F1. I ordered 5 of them and gave a couple away, but a couple of the colors are pictured as well. I also got a Pilot Birdy mechanical pencil with a ball point pen on the other end. It's actually just a touch longer than I would have liked but it is very thin and can be tucked away anywhere. Also seen are the Inova X1 1xAA light. If it makes 55 and 6 lumens on its respective high and low modes as the packaging says, then I really don't have much use for more than that in a light that rides in my pocket. If Inova stumbles across this writing, please give us a pocket clip, we beg of you. We've got the CRKT Ripple in there as well which I am really starting to like due mainly to its weight. It goes completely unnoticed day to day.  
macro photography photoshop enhancements EDC review pocket pens

Sunday, January 6, 2013

CRKT Ripple K415KXP

s-biner size comparison #2 #3 #4 with steel ruler CRKT Ripple and Wave
Columbia River Knife and Tool Ripple large aluminm size comparison with Leatherman Wave
 I'm mostly just having fun playing with simple Photoshop enhancements and practicing my photography skills, but I just got this CRKT Ripple based on all the great reviews out there and had to bust out the camera. And since there are so many reviews I figure there is no need for another one in any great length, but it can never hurt to add a few more interesting photos to the google search results. This is the aluminum K415KXP model which is the larger of the two and it is very light weight. Mine came razor sharp - shaving sharp - and it's awesome looking. I guess smaller knives are popular for EDC but in my opinion this is a smaller knife, so I opted for the larger version. I am hoping that the images give some idea of the size when compared to the Leatherman Wave because the Wave is a pretty compact package and the blade is pretty thin from spine to blade edge. The Ripple isn't a whole lot thicker so I think it can be fairly described as somewhat long and thin and the blade comes to a very fine point. The Wave used to, but one day I broke off about 1/32 inch from the tip fishing for something and reground it to a point, which I think is reflected in the picture. Anyway, my only complain is the worn look on the scales. I watched another reviewer suggest the same thing, but I found some images online that maybe there was some variation in this wear pattern. I think I would like it a lot more if they had hit all the high spots evenly, but as you can see that is not the case. I don't care much because it's probably going to end up more worn that that riding around in my pocket, but given that it's a pretty nice looking knife overall, this kind of hurts the appearance. If they had evenly knocked off all the highs it would have looked more purposeful and better fit the appearance and theme.
Additionally, it opens very smoothly and the flipper has aggressive jimping that makes opening this knife effortless.
macro knife blade photography wood grain photoshop photo enhancements

Finally, I tossed in a few Nite Ize S-Biners for size comparison also. There is a #2, #3 and #4 pictured which come in a 3-pack together.