Friday, October 19, 2012

Evolution of

I let this blog slip for a year after taking a new direction with my domain almost to the month. Well, as things tend to go, more change is necessary again. Frustrations with my hosting and that joke known as Wordpress have encouraged me to seek out new solutions for my web presence and somehow I ended up back here. It didn't take much searching with my googlefu to find that I am not alone in these frustrations and like anything else as broad as the mighty errorweb, options abound. I am in the process of getting my paid domain ( to redirect visitors to this page but at this point I haven't got that completely ironed out. Still, it shouldn't be long and in the mean time I am breathing some new life into this blogger. I have determined that all my hobbies are me and therefore they all belong together. I am busy working at a variety of different projects at any given time, from digital art, turning wrenches, and recently, working with Kydex. I have found that the car communities I frequent are full of firearm enthusiasts and the firearm communities are full of automotive enthusiasts, so there doesn't seem to be much point in trying to separate them.

Let me just say that after the nightmare that is Wordpress, I am glad to be back home. This is now O'Dell Studios and O'Dell Studios is now a project in and of itself that encompasses all of my hobbies for my visitors to enjoy. And with the money I am being refunded on my hosting, maybe I can buy something cool to post about! The snake logo is something I created to attach to my firearm art and it makes sense that it should be attached to the Kydex work should that become a money making proposition as well. So now that everything is merging, these logos get to ride side-by-side here on the blog. Stay tuned as I plan to be up half the night getting more Kydex work done and maybe I'll have something to show for it before the weekend is over!

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