Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update! Not Really

I'm sure at least one person a year stumbles across this blog and with any luck people come here to look into buying prints. So I figured I better do something to indicate that I still exist. I told you this one would get neglected. I think I might start using this blog to rant, but I dunno. I do love to rant and I think that is why blogs were invented .... maybe not.
Anyway, I recently finished up this bit of digital painting (below). I have been trying to find more time for this sort of thing but other hobbies still seem to take center stage. But that is why they are called hobbies and not jobs - I can work on whatever I want, whenever I want. Anyway, we've got Rogue and Wolverine here and I call it "Show Me Your Claws". This is sort of a speed-paint, even though it wasn't very speedy. By this I mean that I didn't have a real plan, other than what I could see in my mind, and I didn't bother with a sketch or anything else. I just started painting. I am learning, and have a long way to go but I hope you like it. BTW, I used a WACOM tablet and Photoshop CS3 with standard brushes.