Saturday, September 3, 2011 is fresh and new

That's right, completely rebuilt, so refresh your browser, empty your cache and kiss the old, neglected site goodbye! What this means is that this site will now become the red headed step child that I will begin to neglect instead. It is now Even More Official than this official blog ... because it's a blog ... and because it's mine and costs money ... and stuff. Anyway, I'm not going to close this site or anything and because Google is pretty high on the cool factor scale they make it brain dead easy to do this - I'll continue to post new work. More importantly the prints tab will continue to grow here. Why? Because I already have it set up ...... So keep coming back, but don't be shocked if things don't change a lot. This was the vehicle that prepared me for the world of blogging and that was always its purpose. It is time now to move forward. Click the shiny button to visit O'Dell Studios dot com.