Sunday, July 24, 2011

Studebaker Avanti

Dramatic, Dynamic ... and Docile ... and Absolutely Hideous. I give you my Avanti. I think that little line (minus the hideous part) from the old ads are trying to say that this car gives you lots of cool stuff while at the same time being drivable. It wanted to be a sports car ... I think, but this car came before the GTO and Mustang and the influence they had on the car world in general but specifically on the sports car. At the same time, it had the mighty Corvette to contend with - a sports car with a healthy following and already maturing design. So I injected my Avanti with a heavy dose of sports car design that's had several more decades to mature. This was a rush to finish and is on its way to the Street Rod Nats to be displayed in the Motorburg Design Center. Make sure you find those guys and check out all the cool stuff because I promise you don't want to miss it. It will be art central for the entire show and if you're needing a design done, you'll find more business cards in one single place than you can fit in your pocket. An actual, factory Studebaker Avanti will be on display along with art demonstrations by some of the masters and new talent alike. I had a great time last year, and this is the sort of place you'll see cars that you just don't see at your average car show that's for sure.
The mod list is miles long, but I left no panels untouched. I opened the mouth up even further up front, pushed the windshield back, hacked off a bunch of the roof to achieve a fast-back look, rearranged the character line in the mid section, flared out the fenders and completely re-envisioned the wheel arches. Enjoy!