Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DeTomaso Pantera Project Progresses Forward

SLOWLY!! But I'm getting it rolling now. It's been a whole freakin' month since I posted but I've been off doing some new things. So yes, the Pantera was selected by the community. The car's theme is a Purpose Built Track Monster, but as I build it I am focusing on updating it to the point where it could very well be a modern car. It was built for so many years and had styling far ahead of its time in many ways, so I felt it was important to keep that in mind and remove all the things that date it while at the same time keeping all of the history and styling that makes the car so appealing. Making it purpose built looking is the easy part really because those mods are functional. My thought is that this could be the guy you see in a Ferrari on track day. It's obviously a thoroughly built car, but the owner isn't afraid to use it for the purpose it exists for. There is no reason for it not to look good. I may have talked about this already, but I noticed that the car has a definite shark face and I wanted to bring that out with my concept. So I've added the "eyes" and put trim in around the "mouth" just to accentuate those features. The winner picked the color, so by coincidence it is perfect for the shark theme. Enjoy and feel free to comment. The design will be steered by the community and everyone who sets eyes on it.

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