Thursday, April 14, 2011

Community Project at Lat-g

Well if you direct your browser to and go for the artwork section in the forums, you'll find my little community project. It's a trial run, first time. It has come together pretty well and I've got a list of things I'll do differently next time around. It started with the first ten cars that people suggested - they went into a poll with a few styles and colors and everyone started voting. I set the poll to expire in 30 days so you've got unit May 1 2011 to get your vote in. The real question is, why vote? The poll results are public, everyone who votes, goes into a hat and a name will be drawn. That person gets to put the finishing touches on the car. See the deal is, the poll can only handle 18 options which isn't many when you figure all the things that can be done to a car. However, the winner will be choosing wheels and helping me figure out just how to modify the car's looks. Then when it's drawn, that person will receive a signed print of the rendering. Those prints will then go on sale right here at the O'Dell Studios blog in the Prints tab.

For anyone interested, a 70s De Tomaso Pantera is currently in the lead to be rendered as a purpose built track monster which is going to be great fun. I've got visions of fender flares, turn buckle-adjustable front splitters, sponsor decals, roll cages, the works. But I've also got visions of body mods. The car's shape lends itself to modification well and there are a few things (like pop-up head lights) that could use updates to bring the car into the 21st century. BUT! There are a couple other cars creeping up and tied for 2nd at this point, and the Pantera may not be on top in the end.