Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Teaser Image for Emerald City

1/31/11, 10:42 PM: Minor details, one of a kind mirrors, etc. This is getting close to the end of the work in Illustrator, and I'll be moving on to Photoshop for the final details, lighting effects and so forth. I'll also finish the wheels in Illustrator but that's like starting a whole new project. I might take a break between and start some of the background elements. I'm pretty excited about trying out some new Ps brushes!

1/31/11: Got another teaser for ya!

OK I like that it goes in order with new stuff up top so I'm changing this around.

Original post: What I've been working on tonight. It's late, I'm tired, I'm going to bed, but I'm really pleased with the direction this is heading and figured it was enough image to post. Subtle mods here and there on a '10 body Mustang. A, the other brother, also has a good start on his car, which I'll be posting a pic of soon too. So we've got a couple cool rides going, gonna be playing with some shiny new PS brush packs I picked up earlier today, and the setting is going to be night time with a heavy emphasis (it took me five minutes to come up with that word) on the lighting effects. Those of you keeping up with the blog are seeing this first. I'm holding off posting this to dA until we have even more.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Emerald City Comic Con

This is going to be one of those COMING SOON posts. Dunno if any of the zero people reading this are comic book geeks but the O'Dell brothers will be creating art to be sold at the Emerald City Comic Con coming up the first weekend in March .... unless that's wrong, in which case, I just draw stuff, not so much with the organization. It is of course Seattle themed since uh well .... it's the Emerald City Comic Con. You get it. Consider this a count down. The art work will be 2 pieces and I will be showing progress images here and at my dA page which can be found here .... Now the best part is that you don't get to know anything else and by the time you see the first image, you'll probably be able to figure out where it's going .... and we draw cars .... so don't toast your brain trying to sort it out.