Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Symbiote Spider Man gift

Just a little something my little brother and I put together for our older brother. He's something of a Spider Man junky.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

O'Dell Studios Hot Rods in Picasa albums for your slideshow enjoyment

The idea is to stay up to date not go back in time but the slide show gadget is handy as a gallery of sorts so I'm thinking I'll use it as such. I'll probably post images that pertain to the text with it as I go but I've deemed the slide show useful and post worthy, so I tossed a handful of newer images into it.

I might as well tell you all about what we do and where in the world of Hot Rods we fit. The whole concept is simple and in the years I've been doing this I've found a few new reasons for doing it as well. We draw cars for people and we do it digitally for the most part. They use it for all sorts of things and people come to me wanting drawings for reasons I hadn't always thought of but the main purpose is sort of two fold - owners want to see how the car is going to look before they spend huge amounts of money on something like paint that's going to look stupid with the stripe or graphic colors they had in mind. If you've been to car shows I know for a fact that you've seen cars built by people who didn't realize how bad their idea was. The same applies to wheels - some of you know that YES, some wheels simply do not fit the car. Or graphics themselves - some people have an idea but no one to design something that will actually work on a car. But it's all so much more than "show me these wheels and paint on my car".

If you hire an artist, a designer, you're probably looking for solutions. I don't really consider myself an artist in a "fine art" sense. I think of myself as a creative problem solver - O'Dell Studios provides solutions. Builders are looking for a car that stands out, a car that has a point, a theme, a purpose, a car that fits their personality. The artist you start your project with should understand themes and automotive history. Someone looking for a modern Trans Am themed car isn't the same as the guy who wears a Rat Fink shirt and rolls with solid axles front and rear.

That said, we have always focused on cars from the 60s and 70s and for many reasons, many of them personal others are simply a matter of timing. It hasn't stopped us from drawing cars from the 30s right through to the current and even future. You're getting the obvious with us, artists with degrees in graphic and commercial art but automotive mechanics as well as shop experience. Paint and graphics are one thing, knowing that physical body mods will work is another entirely. Both of us have old cars sitting in the garage, one of which will be built completely without leaving the property.

There's more though. We draw for all sorts of people and enjoy all of it. What we have never lost sight of and what is especially important to me, is home town, garage days hot rodding. I build and design with an eye toward functionality, cars built to be driven by owners who love to drive. Show room floors are a great place to find amazing quality, detail, innovation and craftsmanship, but probably not many of the cars I would own. I know I'm not the only one who can't afford hose fittings that cost more than my tires and certainly can't find a way to justify them given the function of my car. I also like to use perspective for the day when I have a $100,000 budget (or more) - why have someone build me a hundred thousand dollar car I won't feel comfortable driving when I can build two really really nice 50k cars, or more likely, four 25k cars. I can paint and weld myself and build cars that will do everything I need them to do and be perfectly happy. I believe $25,000 is enough to build a very nice car as long as it's done in the garage with a well thought out budget. A car with personality, functionality and style - a street car. Function should drive the budget in any case. A track car that will truly compete will probably not stay under the $25,000 mark, but an auto-cross weekend warrior could, and be a lot of fun to drive. A street car that needs to reflect the owner's style, stand out from the crowd and be comfortable is absolutely doable. Now, my car has nowhere near that kind of money in it and setting our sights under the 25k mark is a great challenge and also doable. My point is, this is the mentality of the guys you'd be working with here. We can appreciate the budget from low to high, but if you're on a budget and need real solutions then you aren't likely to find a better place. I encourage everyone to shop around. I'll make you a quote, in fact we have standard pricing in most cases, and you can see how it stacks up.

we draw cars and now we blog

By today's standards I simply don't have the skills, nor the time to acquire the skills necessary to create a website that is worth the yearly subscription it's printed on. More importantly, I don't have the time to make truly meaningful updates to my website (www.odellstudios.com) as often as I should. So I'm here and you can probably connect the dots that brought me here. I've never done this before and to be perfectly honest, never saw the point. I have no doubt that is extremely insulting to someone, but when I write, and if you bother to read it, you'll find that I'm honest, I don't like to waste a lot of language and it'll be straightforward, if not blunt. I understand that everyone has their passion. I have mine and just like I can't understand spending day after day writing about politics, someone probably can't understand my fetish with cars. I don't understand publicly going on and on about yourself or some mundane event in your life, someone you know, or your cat. I can understand the driving need to get the thoughts out of your head, talk to other people who share your passion and find a place to use the sort of language that some people in this (country) world need to hear. To me, those three things are becoming the vision, hazy yet, of what exactly blogging can be for me and perhaps other people as well. Since I'm only what, 10 or 12 years behind the idea and certainly 5 years behind the popular trend that is the "blog" I won't claim any more than that - probably never will simply because of the "don't care" factor. The fourth purpose goes back to the start of this post. I want to put down some thoughts as well as post images. I want to keep people up to date on what O'Dell Studios is doing, not be slowed down with layout taking up the bulk of the process. Ideas, images, current - that's the ticket. Then if I really want to get cool, I can bother with the layout. Now wait a second - an artist who doesn't care about layout. Is it a contradiction, or is it just ..... not like everyone else. Or then again, is it like everyone else? I'm stuck in my ways, I'm stuck in my head a lot of the time and what is topping my personal priority list isn't readily obvious to some, probably doesn't make sense to others. I guess you call that quirky, or some other cutesy word like it. Today I just want to get it done, get updated and call it a day. Tomorrow I might want to build my website from scratch and completely neglect this concept that blogging might somehow be better than my own domain name. Hard to say. At any rate, this is a trial run. You, whoever you are, will get some idea of how I began this project, some idea of who I am and I can see how it looks. And when I say "we" I mean myself and my brother. When I get this thing really going you'll find art from both of us here.